Open access dataset for simultaneous EEG and NIRS Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs)

Open access dataset for simultaneous EEG and NIRS brain-computerinterface (BCI)

Due to the lack of open access datasets for EEG-NIRS hybrid brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), we provide our BCI experiment data on this website. We conducted two BCI experiments (left vs. right hand motor imagery; mental arithmetic vs. resting state). The dataset was validated using baseline signal analysis methods; classification performance was evaluated for each modality and a combination of both modalities. We expect that the dataset can be used in a wide range of future validation approaches in multimodal BCI research.

Downloading the data

Data of 29 subjects from the original study are available along with demographic information, and signal quality information on each channel. Please fill out the form below prior to downloading the data. We will only use this information for statistical purposes.

<Feb. 17. 2017>
1. NIRS channel information was corrected.
2. EEG channel information was corrected.
3. Data information was updated.
<Feb. 21. 2017>
1. NIRS Data information was updated.

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